"The Emcee isn't just the messenger. He is the message." - Tehsin Takim
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No one can hold an audience like a professional Master of Ceremonies.

The Master of Ceremonies is not just the fellow at the microphone on the day of the event. In reality, he plays a crucial role in the planning stage, working closely with the event organisers or wedding couple, with the venue management, with the decorators, caterers, facilitating seamless interaction between all the different players to ensure everything is in place, running smoothly and on time.

During the event itself, in addition to controlling the event flow, the Master of Ceremonies sets the tone for the event. Formal, casual, light-hearted and humorous, upbeat, sombre, corporate; every event requires a different note to be struck. He inspires confidence, serves as a calming influence, and all the while keeping a watchful eye for the little things that need attention for the event to run flawlessly.

Tehsin is an exceptionally well-experienced Master of Ceremonies, who will work closely with you on the planning of your event, helping you transform ideas into tangible realities, and through his stage-presence will add just the right amount of pomp, humour and spectacle.

Events that Tehsin has mastered include:

  • Awards Nights
  • Corporate Dinners
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Talk Shows and Panel Discussions
  • Conference Moderator
  • Embassy dinners, functions and ceremonies
  • Cocktails
  • Event Openings
  • Product Launches

The best emcee is an amalgamation of detailed research, lengthy preparation and a healthy dose of adrenalin. Why not let Tehsin bring all of this and more to your next event.