"The Emcee isn't just the messenger. He is the message." - Tehsin Takim
05 Apr 2017

Entrepreneurs Organization Global Chairman's Dinner

The Entrepreneurs Organization (or EO for short) is a global non-profit organization, whose goal is to engage leading entrepreneurs from around the world, to learn and grow. The Tanzania chapter of EO had the honor of hosting the Global Chairman as he toured the continent, and I was honored to have been selected as Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

A most enjoyable evening under the night sky was had by all, with a local 'snake man' entertainment troop with traditional 'ngoma' on hand, and a lavish seafood buffet courtesy of the Beach Club at Coral Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam. What an awesome location, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

It was clear that the Global Chairman, Mr. Ivan Ting and his delegation, were truly impressed with the Tanzanian warmth and hospitality they experienced!

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